We have a fully enclosed trailer so weather is not an issue. We show up to the location of the table, disassemble and load the table. We then transport to your new location or location of person purchasing your table. Trailer is then offloaded and assembly with leveling then begins. Table installation typically takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Moving, Selling or Buying a pool table?


We typically use Championship Invitational cloth when re-felting tables but other options are available. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from to really make the table your own. All work in this process is done on site and includes the rails (if necessary or desired) and playing surface. Custom options are also available.

Bumper Replacement

Over time the rubber on the rails of your table will begin to harden. This will affect the play of your table. The balls will no longer spring off the rails but stop almost immediately after hitting the rail. We remove the rails from the table and bring them back to our shop to replace the rubber and re-felt the rails as well.

Pool tables fully assembled can weigh up to 1,000 lbs

Two tone felt is available. This is when the felt covering the rails and the felt on the playing surface are two separate colors

A table with dead rails is like a trampoline without springs. You are not going to have the same experience


All tables we move or install are leveled twice. We first level the table using rubber shims and then the slate itself is leveled. All work, including leveling is guaranteed. If for some reason there are any issues we will not hesitate to correct it.

You should never slide or attempt moving your table. It can be knocked out of level, legs could potentially break off the table, or injury could occur. Remember these tables are HEAVY

Screen Print

We also give you option to really customize your table with screen printed felt. Choose your favorite teams logo or your family crest. There are endless possibilities here. This can be added to either the playing service or railing felt. 

A pool table is not just a recreational activity, it is decorative. Make your table a statement piece with a custom screen printed image or text

Work is 100% Guaranteed

We primarily service Huntsville, AL and its surrounding area but we also service most areas of Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia. Location and destination may affect pricing but will be included in your free quote